Transportation Modeling

I have over ten years of experience working with a variety of different transportation models in both academic and professional settings. My work developing a Q-Paramics model of a major corridor in Berkeley was published in the Transportation Research Record, and my work developing a Q-Paramics model in New York City was presented at the Transportation Research Board in 2009.

More recently, I have been focused on developing network models using OpenStreetMap that measure accessibility, mode choice and route choice. I have also developed tools to manipulate PTV VISSIM model objects in Python which allows the user to quickly modify vehicle routes, inputs and geometries. Some of my recent modeling work has made use of this library to improve efficiency in the model development process.

I am excited to hear about projects and opportunities where transportation modeling services are needed. I love to work on projects that need to understand large data sets, model complex behavior with custom programming and visualize results interactively.

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