University of California, Berkeley (2004 – 2006) MCP City & Regional Planning MS Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of California, Berkeley (2001 – 2003) BA Economics


Freelance, Oakland, CA

(April 2014 – Present) Transportation Analyst • Developed graph-based transportation models to analyze trip making, origin-destination and route choice for a corporate campus. (python/pandas/networkx/d3) • Employed principal component analysis (PCA) and k-means clustering algorithms to analyze large stated preference transportation survey. Visualized findings using leaflet and d3.js. • Developed Python-based work flow for automatically converting an Excel-based traffic model in to VISSIM. (python/xlrd) • Developed Python library to automate VISSIM network development for a large airside traffic model (over 100 stands) in Mexico City. Built, calibrated and validated the model with several alternatives. Reduced the amount of manual coding within VISSIM by a factor of four. • Provided client with transportation analysis for large multi-use master plan in Silicon Valley. Developed capacity improvement strategies and review of existing Traffix models.

Arup, New York, NY, San Francisco, CA

(August 2006 – April 2014) Senior Transportation Planner • Collaborated with the architect on the physical and operational design for a 14,000-employee corporate campus in Silicon Valley. Worked with the client’s transportation manager to plan transit operations, bus facilities, and non-motorized access. Managed a team of analysts to develop forecasts of transportation impacts using computer simulation models. • Managed the analysis of a regional study of transit ridership in the Bay Area. Developed techniques to distill a large set of travel data into recognizable travel patterns to identify underserved transit markets. • Built an area-wide traffic model of Lower Manhattan. Used the model to analyze impacts of construction, street closures, and security processes associated with the World Trade Center and other development in Lower Manhattan.

California Center for Innovative Transportation, Berkeley, CA

(January 2005 – December 2006) Graduate Student Researcher • Conducted a performance analysis of real-time travel time signage along the Berkeley Highway Lab. Developed and managed a five-person team to conduct an in-person and online survey to examine system quality, impacts on highway operations, and driver reaction time. • Developed data quality evaluation plan and metrics for wireless vehicle sensor technology on the Berkeley Highway Lab based on loop detector data and SQL database of FasTrak transponders.

University of California Transportation Center, Berkeley, CA

(March 2004 – December 2004) Graduate Student Researcher • Developed a traffic simulation model of an urban corridor in the Bay Area. Provided an analysis of bus travel time improvements resulting from signal timing, lane configuration, and geometry modifications to the corridor.

Papers and Reports:

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